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Respect your inner hunter gatherer

Homo sapiens (us) have been around for some 200,000 years and for 190,000 years of that time we survived by hunter gathering. From what we know from present day hunter gatherers, DNA and fossil records, is that being a hunter gatherer involves walking for at least 4+ hours a day and eating a hugely varied diet of meat, fruit and tubers with cooking as the only processing. The hunter gatherer diet is vastly more varied in comparison to diets since the advent of farming some 10,000 years ago. Present day hunter gatherers don't need medication other than what they use for trauma, they live to a good age assuming they are not involved in trauma incidents from wild animals.

Since the advent of farming we have been moving away from what our bodies have evolved to do and it has led to disease and ill health. Sitting for long periods, eating a diet with poor variation and highly processed foods with a prevalence of grain and dairy based foods.

So if you want to respect your inner hunter gatherer and live a more healthy life you need to move away from the 21st century's ills. Instead move, exercise, walk more (a lot more), eat a more varied diet which includes lots of fruit and veg, some varied meats and reduce the processed foods and grain and dairy based foods.

If you are interested check out Uncivilised Genes by Gustav Milne.

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