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Meet Alan Burke DO

Osteopath and Exercise Physiologist

I have 30 years of experience in manual therapy mostly working in West London until moving to Kerry in 2020.

I used to be an International standard pole vaulter competing for the Republic of Ireland.  As an athlete I found that Osteopathic treatment worked better for me and my initial interest in Osteopathy was formed.

I trained at the College of Osteopaths in London and completed the 5 year course in 2000. I have also studied with the Sutherland Cranial College in the UK.

Since then I have worked mainly in Richmond Surrey and I have worked with many International athletes including World and Olympic Champions. 

I have many years experience working with elite young athletes. I spent 5 years treating club and International standard gymnasts. As well as treating junior International standard track and field athletes.

I have previously lectured and examined Osteopathic students at two Osteopathic colleges and have lectured for the Osteopathic Sports Care Association.

Osteopath since 2000

Member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland

ACSM Exercise Physiologist
UKA Level 2 Performance Athletics Coach

Meet Amelia

Recovery Starts Here

Osteopathy and Exercise Physiology

Why Naturopathy

Why Osteopathy?

Back Pain

Joint and muscle pain

Using stretching and mobilising techniques as well as joint manipulating, an Osteopath works with the body to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the healing process.


Osteopaths treat back and neck pain, joint and muscle pain, headaches, sciatica, foot pain, neuralgia, sports injury plus many other conditions.


Osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation advice will be personal to you and will aim to balance your bodies biomechanics to promote a speedy and safe recovery.

Sunset Run

Sports Injury

Correct diagnosis of your injury is essential if you want to get back to training. The treatment plan will take into consideration your biomechanics and will include hands on treatment and an exercise protocol for you. 


Wearing custom orthotics in your shoes can help treat many problems that cause joint and muscle pain. They work by improving foot position and altering your body’s biomechanics.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy also known as Cranial Sacral therapy is a subtle but effective treatment that can help adults and babies. I have studied with the Sutherland Cranial College in the UK.


I had a brilliant Marathon in Florence last Sunday. I’ve been chasing a sub-4 marathon for ages – and I cracked it! I finished in 3.57.10. 5 minutes of my previous PB. Really pleased. There were no issues with past injuries during or after the race. All felt fine – good news particularly as much of the run was on hard, unforgiving cobbles. Thanks for all your work. I really appreciate it. Now for the next one…

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